What is covered by the UFH warranty & for how long?

All of Thermogroup’s underfloor heating systems are covered with a lifetime warranty.

As your floor heating is under the floor and not accessible you want a product that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Thermonet is made in our factory in Germany to stringent standards and tested to handle the most extreme conditions.

The lifetime warranty means your floor heating is guaranteed for the lifetime of the original floor covering under which it is installed. If the original floor covering is lifted or replaced the floor heating will no longer be warranted. The thermostats are covered by a 3-year warranty.

Should the underfloor heating fail during the warranty period due to a manufacturing defect this is covered by the lifetime warranty. Costs for the repair of the floor heating and to make good the floor covering are covered by this warranty.  All costs to detect where the fault is, lift a tile or floor covering and repairs and replace the floor covering are covered.  Please not due to the constant changing of floor covering and batches we do not cover nor guarantee to be able to replace the tiles so recommend spare tiles are always kept.

It is important to note that a manufacturing fault is very rare and any damage to the floor heating caused by installation, tiling or penetration to the floor is not covered by this warranty.  This cannot be proved until the fault is located and any damage not caused by product failure will be the responsibility of the client.

For absolute peace of mind insist on Thermogroup’s range of Underfloor Heating where products are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

See full warranty terms and conditions here.

For any technical enquiries or floor heating issues contact our Technical Helpline on 1300 989 464.