DP5010HN Pill Shape Polished Edge Mirror with Hangers


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The DP5010HN Pill Shape Mirror from our Duke Range is made to fit your design, space and budget. These mirrors are backed by our 2 year warranty. The mirrors feature a commercial strength vinyl backing and features metal hangers for easy installation. The mirrors are copper-free and edge sealed to ensure the mirrors does not develop foil creep on the edge.

The Pill Shape Duke Mirror Series features a 5mm silver mirror with a polished edge. The DP5010GT mirror is 500mm wide and 1000mm high and can be mounted in the portrait and landscape position only.

Two of these mirrors are ideal for use above a double vanity.

Product Code
Mirror Thickness
Mounting Method
Metal Hangers
Silver Mirror
Edge Type
Landscape & Portrait
Approx Weight

What is best for cleaning mirrors?
For best results clean mirrors with methylated spirits and water at a rate of 30% methylated spirits and 70% water. Do not use Windex or similar chemical cleaning products. Avoid getting water on the sides or back of the mirror as damage to silver backing can occur. In coastal areas it is recommended to wipe around the edge of the mirror once a month to avoid salt build up that can cause silver creep.

How is the mirror fixed to the wall?
This mirror is supplied with metal brackets on the back of the mirror. Metal wall tongue hangers are screwed to the wall and then the mirror is hung on these tongue hangers through the metal brackets.

For more information, please view the specification sheet.

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Have you considered adding a demister?

Upgrade a standard bathroom mirror by installing a Thermomirror demister pad. The ultra-thin demister pad provides a clear and condensation free mirror even after a hot bath or shower.