BSM97C Contractor Back-Lit Mirror with Spot Magnifer


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The BSM97C is part of the Ablaze Contractor LED range. This range comes with a 1 year warranty on the mirror.

The BSM97C features a 5mm silver mirror with a polished edge border. The r mirror features a led strip on the face of the unit running around the mirror causing it to shine out into the room. The cool lighting casts a bright, white light into your room to create gentle ambient lighting.

The BSM97C features a three times spot magnifier on the unit. This magnifier has a strip of LED lighting around the outside making it perfect for shaving or applying makeup.

The LED mirror is 900x750mm  horoziontal mirror and is operated by a touch sensor on the front of the mirror, simply wave your hand in front of the sensor to turn the unit on and off.

Product Code
Wiring Type
Concealed (Hardwired) at back of unit
Mirror Thickness
Lighting Type
Light Colour
Mounting Method
Metal Hangers
Silver mirror with metal light box
Edge Type
Approx Weight

What is best for cleaning mirrors?
For best results clean mirrors with methylated spirits and water at a rate of 30% methylated spirits and 70% water. Do not use Windex or similar chemical cleaning products. Avoid getting water on the sides or back of the mirror as damage to silver backing can occur. In coastal areas it is recommended to wipe around the edge of the mirror once a month to avoid salt build up that can cause silver creep.

How is the mirror controlled / operated?
The BSM97C and the BSL97C mirror have sensor on the side of the mirror that requires you to move your hand up and down in front of to turn the mirror on and off. The BSM80C mirror has a touch sensor on the front of the mirror that is used for operating the mirror.

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