Fixed Price per square metre lowers cost

2020 has seen changes in the pricing structure of Thermonet 150W and 200W Underfloor Heating. We have adjusted the pricing to reflect a set rate per m².

As a result there has been a reduction in the pricing of the Thermonet mats making Thermonet Underfloor Heating even more affordable.

The change also allows you to simply and quickly give your customers an idea on pricing. EG If they have a 3m² bathroom it will cost $300 plus the thermostat which is $289 at retail pricing.

The pricing structure is as follows:
Thermonet 150W mats 1m² to 6m² are $105.00 per m².
Thermonet 150W mats from 6m² to 16m² are $90.00 per m².

Thermonet 200W mats 1m² to 6m² are $120.00 per m².
Thermonet 200W mats from 6m² to 16m² are $105.00 per m².


The same German made quality more affordable than ever before.

We still offer our free planning service, so you can send us through a plan and we will provide an obligation free proposal.  Alternatively, you can use Thermogroup’s Quick Quoting Tool to make this process even simpler.



Don’t forget that we recommend the use of insulation boards below your Underfloor Heating to help prevent downward heat loss and improve heat up times.

Underfloor Heating is truly an efficient and effective way to heat your home.


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