Features of a VarioPro Uncoupling Underfloor Heating System

Vario PRO is the fast and easy way to create a warm, comfortable floor that’s protected from tile delamination and cracks

Vario PRO is the professional combined underfloor heating and uncoupling solution for tiled floors. The fast track installation is quick and easy and creates a floor built to last.

Underfloor heating

Vario ProMat is designed to make it easy to install electric underfloor heating and an uncoupling membrane with one fast track solution.

Uncoupling layer

Vario ProMat neutralises the stress caused by different rates of expansion and contraction in a tiled floor. This minimises the risk of tile delamination and cracking.

Superior vapour management

The studs in the Vario ProMat allow water vapour to escape effectively. This means you can save more time by tiling over a substrate that is not fully cured.

Easy waterproofing

Vario ProMat is totally waterproof, and by using Vario PRO sealing tape on edges and penetrations you can create a wetroom quickly and easily.

Efficient load distribution

Heavy loads are no problem for floors that include a layer of Vario PRO. The stud structure transfers the load to the sub floor eliminating the risk of cracks.